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Rumour has it...
Adele Plans Top Gear After Passing Driving Test 
Friday, October 25, 2013 @ 01:15 pm

She's only been a certified driver for a matter of days.

But it seems Adele already has grand plans for her new skill - namely taking part in world-famous motoring show Top Gear.

According to the singer's driving instructor Noel Gaughan, mother-of-one Adele voiced her dream of appearing on the programme as one of their 'stars in a reasonably priced car' just after passing the test.

Noel said: 'Adele is a gifted driver and what she really wants is to be on Top Gear, with my encouragement. We discussed it and it's a dream.'

Noel added to The Sun: 'She was ecstatic when she passed. I nearly cried when I saw how much it meant to her.'

After passing her test on Friday 11th October, during which she received only one minor, Adele said: 'Noel is Dumbledore of roads. Could not have done it without him and his jokes changed my life.'

Noel admits he didn't know who Adele was, even when she started singing at the wheel.

Other famous faces who have appeared on the show include Ewan McGregor, and James McAvoy - who also passed his test after tuition from 'instructor to the stars' Noel.

The grateful stars have written their own words of praise for Noel on his website, .

Daily Mail
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